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First off I like yaoi, slash or what ever term refers to pretty men doing very interesting things to each other. Lately I just go with yaoi for a term. Now occasionally I branch out to het but really unless it comes with a healthy dose of yaoi to go with it I'm not so much into it. And I like men, I'm not against yuri at all it just doesn't snag my interest like yaoi.
As for when I got into fan fiction and more particularly yaoi it started in middle school, no really. I read my first yaoi story in the back room of a used bookstore that carried sci fi convention story collections. I had no idea really what to make of the story about an elf doing some interesting things to get a border pass. I was just out of high school when I read my first slash stories online. There was Star Trek New Generation, and Highlander then I moved onto X-Files, Sentinel and whatever caught my interest. Now as for anime, I'd been watching anime since, God help me I must confess, Robotech. But it was Gundam Wing that was my gateway drug to the anime fandoms. I'm not picky. I don't stick to one fandom, I tend to find a good author and read everything which tends to lead to other fandoms.
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